RClone Monitoring operation

How can I monitor Rclone operations:

  • while copying, delete is taking place
  • after copying and concellating by sending a log to the system administrator.

Thanks for the help

Ad hoc monitoring can be enabled by including --progress flag, in addition you can generate log file --log-file /path/to/log and extract all needed info from there or run rclone in remote control mode - rclone rcd - where you can trigger operations and query remote interface for their status.

Thanks kapitainsky for information,
but, is there a GUI web for a local and remote access to check all process?

no GUI but only rclone rcd providing you with remote API - you can access locally or remotely. You can use it to trigger rclone operation e.g. rclone copy A: B: and then query for status and details.

External application?

You can use rc API to write monitoring app indeed. But rclone provides you only with API.

I'm not a programmer, I was wondering if there are any ready-made ones

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