Rclone lsd on deeper folders

Hi everyone,

How does one use rclone lsd on a folder that is nested deeper within the remote?

For example, I am able to list the dirs within the root dir on the remote:

Mareks-Mac:rclone-v1.46-osx-amd64 marek$ ./rclone --config ./rclone.conf lsd 1drive-01:Svadba
          -1 2019-03-28 10:53:24         4 PHOTOS
          -1 2019-03-28 10:53:27         7 VIDEO

But how do I list the dirs within the VIDEO directory?
So the full path would be remote/Svadba/VIDEO/*

If I try forward slash, backward slash, colon, … none of that works and gives me erorr:

Failed to create file system for "1drive-01:Svadba/VIDEO/": "VIDEO": is a not a regular file

These are the commands I’ve used:

./rclone --config ./rclone.conf lsd 1drive-01:Svadba/VIDEO/
./rclone --config ./rclone.conf lsd 1drive-01:Svadba/VIDEO
./rclone --config ./rclone.conf lsd 1drive-01:Svadba\VIDEO
./rclone --config ./rclone.conf lsd 1drive-01:Svadba\VIDEO\
./rclone --config ./rclone.conf lsd 1drive-01:Svadba:VIDEO
./rclone --config ./rclone.conf lsd 1drive-01:Svadba:VIDEO
./rclone --config ./rclone.conf lsd 1drive-01:Svadba:VIDEO:
rclone version:
Mareks-Mac:rclone-v1.46-osx-amd64 marek$ ./rclone --config ./rclone.conf --version
rclone v1.46
- os/arch: darwin/amd64
- go version: go1.11.5
Mareks-Mac:rclone-v1.46-osx-amd64 marek$ 

I’m using rclone on macOS and connecting to OneDrive Business.

Thanks for any help!
~ Marek

Are there directories in the folder?

What happens if you run a rclone ls on that same thing?

./rclone --config ./rclone.conf lsd 1drive-01:Svadba/VIDEO -vv 

returns what?

./rclone --config ./rclone.conf ls 1drive-01:Svadba/VIDEO -vv

returns what?

Probably related to a one drive bug for the “video” reserved name. Grab the latest beta and retry.

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Hi calisro,
YES! The latest beta fixes the problem!
Thanks a lot!

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