Rclone local to local copy - preserve all metadata?

Hi all -

Really trying to figure out how to get rclone to act as a much better parallel rsync. I am using the --metadata flag to preserve file ownership and permissions, but am finding that it does not preserve directory ownership or permissions. This is consistent with the docs:

" Rclone supports preserving all the available metadata on files (not directories) when using the --metadata or -M flag."

How do I make it preserve the metadata on directories as well?

hi, this has been discussed many times in the forum, not sure there is a solution.

have you seen?

So my take, I wouldn't use rclone for local to local as I think they are better ways to do that.

What OS?

I use rclone for any of my cloud stuff.

That's a shame - rclone's usability and interface is much better than rsync in my opinion.

I guess I'll go back to fpsync. It allows for parallel rsync, but the output and progress reporting leaves a lot to be desired.

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