Rclone local disk

Am I missing something about rclone local disk ?
When we tried to create, it only give options to Disable UNC (long path names) conversion on Windows.
It doesn't let us choose path for local disk.

In android RCX, I can setup local disk on my android.
On windows, I want to setup local disk on my drive, and setup encrypt, but I seems can't configure the local disk. Am I missing something ? I read the docs already, but still don't know how to configure it.

There is no specific option for the path. You can just give the path on the command as needed after the remote name like so: remote:/tmp/a

Can you provide conf example ?
I setup, it become like this

type = local
nounc = /tmp/a

windows use path like that ? :frowning:

Just use the path in the command line - no need to create a remote for the local disk.

rclone copy dropbox:path/to/dir E:\path\to\dropbox

Sry guys, so dumb of me, my lack of english in conveying my intention lead to this.
I thought that I need to create local storage in config to create encryption.
It seems like @darthShadow mean just put the path in encryption, and no need to create another local storage config. And now it works, thanks :slight_smile:

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