Rclone load infinity using AutoCAD Arch Project Manager

I was using daily RClone to use my files in the Google Drive like a USB local, but month ago I found problem when my files was loading infinity times, not idea why, but I think this should be fixed because is a powerful workflow for CAD users/designers.

To reproduce this possible bug:

1 create a random project, using Autodesk Project Manager than comes with AutoCAD Architecture/MEP default installation

2 Store your project in the Google Drive

3 load your projecto to google drive and Rclone

4 when your load is complete there is not problem

5 change (Button Project Browser) or update your project (Button Refresh Project)

6 the bug appears, never load all files, just stop loading same file like 30 min or more without stop.

note 1: my hypothesis is that RClone just load all files when is requested by the user (because performance probably), but if is requested by the Software then never load and AutoCAD keep search all the files but while is not load then never finish.

note 2: I found a solution to this, and was copy all my files to local storage, then load again, then re-open my project stored in Google Drive without closing the actual windows10-session.

Anyone know how to load all files in the session instead only load files when user open it?

Not a clue as you ignored all the rclone related information in the template. If you need rclone help, you'd have to fill out the details.

If you need help out AutoCAD, you'd have to search somewhere else I'd imagine as I've never heard of it.

Sorry, I was just searching a command to load all files in any folder like "c:Rclone/MyGdrive" and when I use "rclone mount" I expect to update the files (rewrite-delete-create-download). basically as work Gdrive live stream.

very sure the solution is there add 2 o 3 command. Anyway here my default command:

"rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode full jtm2020hyo:\ z: -v"

so you want to pre-load the vfs file cache?
to download all files in jtm2020hyo: to local mount cache?
so that autocad will load/run quickly.

might try this, which will copy all files to the nul device.
rclone cat z: > nul

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