Rclone link (on Google Drive)

I’m sure it’s been asked before but I can’t find it: can rclone do the equivalent of an alias / symlink on Google Drive?
In particular I’d like the same file to appear in two different directories. This is possible using the Google Drive web interface - select an item or a bunch of items, press Shift-Z, menu pops up, navigate to where you want to go, click “Add” and the item(s) are added to the target folder, with no apparent (?) copies being made.

See here for more details.

That is possible according to my understanding of the drive API.

However rclone doesn’t support it at the moment.

It does support server side copies on drive though which may be good enough for what you want? You would do rclone copy drive:directoryA drive:directoryB

Cheeers Nick, yes, that makes sense, presumably Google will just dedupe it so I’m not wasting space.