Rclone is syncing when all I do is move

Hello, I have a problem where things are syncing back from my acd to my server. I never even run sync command always move so I don’t even know why it starts a sync. The sync starts over from the beginning of the main folder when I restart the server, so there is no escaping it. This happened a week ago and it would not stop until it finished.
Is there some kind of queue file this is resuming from and how did it even start?

Thanks for any replies.

You should paste in the command/s you’re using as well as your version of rclone.

Thanks for the advice. I am currently on version 1.35 and below is what I use to mount and move with rclone.
I must stress that the sync is starting even though I entered no move command at all while the mount is performed at startup. It’s like it is auto starting a move at startup.

How do you see this?

Can you check there aren’t any stray rclone processes running: psgrep -a rclone

I assume you meant pgrep and it shows this - 1271 /home/plex/sbin/rclone mount acd:Zeus /home/plex/.acd --allow-other --no-traverse

The only place I “seen” this happening is monitoring the disk usage in that directory. It will fill until 0 bytes left and when i delete the stuff it continues where it left off. If i restart the server it starts at the beginning if i already deleted the files.

Yes. (I always type psgrep - seems like a much more obvious name :wink:

Which directory are you monitoring?

Which files are arriving in the directory? Where do you think they are coming from? If from rclone then there should be an rclone process running you can see with pgrep.

Which server are you restarting? The whole machine?

Monitoring /home/plex/local/Tv Shows

It appears to start from the beginning of /home/plex/acd/Tv Shows thats where i think they are coming from. There is nothing shown running with pgrep.

I am restarting the actual server machine.

My buddy is thinking it could be fuse causing a problem but i didnt think fuse could move files.

I also think all the extra traffic from pulling it back got my amazon account locked. Have to call them later to see if they will unlock it.

Is something scanning the mount?

Do lsof | grep /path/to/mount to see what processes are using it.

Here is what I got back. The Beavis and Butthead’ what is syncing back to my server right now while I am currently watching Star Trek.


That looks like it is plex. Is it plex scanning the media directory? If so you might want to turn off scanning.