Rclone is great - size command is unique AFAIK! Really!

This is really “off the beaten track” but I’ve been trying for a long, LONG time to find a tool that just tells you the size of a folder (as in the sum of the number of bytes for each file).

This is very useful for quickly comparing (at least very superficially) if two folders are the same (or at least having the same files in total). You’d think it’s easily covered by du -sb or similiar. It is NOT! du will include the “size of the folder” which depends on many things, from where is it stored to even how many files were stored in the past there (even if they were removed).
There are a few discussions on Internet about this but I couldn’t find any script that doesn’t break in some way.

File managers are not better, at least Midnight Commander doesn’t show the size up to the byte (Far Manager works, but is Windows only).

I managed eventually to make a working (at least I didn’t manage to break it yet) python using os.path.

But rclone size JUST WORKS!


If you liked size then try the latest beta and rclone ncdu for a more “graphical” version

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