Rclone installed in root Synology (Need help moving)


I googled a lot and being a newbie couldnt find the answer. Can somebody please walk me through the process of moving the rclone to volume1 on the synology NAS. Currently it installed in the root as I ran the install.sh when I was logged in as root. I have moved/coped the rclone conifg but that doesnt change rclone looking into the volume1. I also want to preserve the ssh control of rclone. I got locked out of the DSM as rclone log went over 1.3 GB and I would like to prevent that in the future. Any help is highly appreciated.

I'm sorry--your log file was over 1.3GB?

That's what I would address first.

In terms of your question about where rclone is "looking" can you be more specific about what you are trying to do?

And--just to be clear--you downloaded and installed rclone via the install script? Or are you referring to the pre-built rclone docker image (which is what I would use on a Synology, if possible)

Yes to confirm it was over 1.3 GB. I havent looked into it but I moved it to a volume1. Also I have been using rclone and playing with the copy/move a lot and I believe I use the option --log-file and --stats every 30 sec. So I dont know if it is writing all that info or progress in log file and making it that big.

Also what I am trying is to move the entire rclone to a volume1 drive which is outside of the root. Currently the Rclone is installed in the root folder and so is the config file.

Yes I used the following guide to install Rclone on Synology DS218+

I am not using the docker image although I am considering uninstalling the rclone and using the docker image but I dont know if I will have the ssh access to it. (Noob).
Thanks for the help!

My confusion is that you can "point" rclone at an destination you want.

It can download to any directory or serve from any directory that you -- or the user that rclone runs as -- have permission to write to.

So I'm a little bit lost as to what you're trying to do that you are unable to do.

Just to be clear...

Are we talking about moving the rclone program itself?
Or are we talking about moving the location where rclone makes your files accessible?

Because these are very different things and it is not completely clear which one you mean.

Sorry for the delayed response. So I completely reinstalle dthe DSM and installed the rclone as an admin. So it went in the home folder of the synology on my main volume1. The problem is that when I use CACHE from rclone it is storing everything in the root folder and not on the volume1 which is the HDD. So I dont know how to make rclone not use anything in the root at all and just dump everything including the log and what not in the rclone folder or the .config folder it created on the volume1.

I am trying to move the rclone program all together. Currently it is installed in the root apparently and stores the log/CACHE everything in the root of the Synology and it eventually gets filled up completely. So I need to ask rclone to store the log and CACHE and pretty much everything in the my main HDD. Thank you. Sorry for the delayed response.

what is your rclone comamnd?

My Rclone command is as follows:

rclone move /volume1/Media/TempMedia gcrypt:/ --config="/volume1/homes/admin/.config/rclone/rclone.conf" --log-file -v --delete-empty-src-dirs --fast-list -P --buffer-size=1G --transfers=4 --stats 30s --max-transfer 750G

I am trying to use the cache remote since its getting slow to use just the crypt. I am seeing improvement but the automatic script wont work anymore. It is failing I guess because my move command is calling the gcrypt but maybe should be calling gcache. Its confusing with using gcache.

Sorry for the confusion. Two different threads got mixed up in my response. As per your suggestion I changed the remote for the CACHE and its dumping everything int he right place now(My Volume1). The only thing that is remaining is figuring out what to put in auto script that I created to move my media from temp to cloud. currently I am using what I pasted above. But I dont know if that changes because of another layer of the cache in the middle. Thanks again.

P.S. I also corrected the log file flag and added the *.txt location and its working perfectly now. Thanks.

I do. Because ultimately that encrypted data is mounted on the synology through rclone and used in PLEX. Thats why I am using CACHE remote.

Regarding moving the data from local to cloud what should be my rclone command? If my structure is following:

cloud remote -> cache -> crypt

there is a local. So here is my structure on my NAS:
TempMedia - Local on the NAS
GMedia - Cloud(Mounted using rclone mount)
FinalMedia - Mergerfs for hardlinking wiht sonarr/radarr

Now I am trying to move from TempMedia to GMedia(local to cloud). There are three remotes as discussed earlier. Now when I use move command what remote should I put in the remote: part of the command(gcache or gcrypt)?

I had a perfectly working system where a script was moving data from local media to cloud using crypt remote. But since in introduced the cache remote in the middle the crypt move command doesn't do anything. Yes GMedia is a folder where ecnrypted google drive is mounted using rclone.

rclone dump:

"gcache": {
    "chunk_size": "10M",
    "chunk_total_size": "10G",
    "db_path": "/var/services/homes/admin/.cache/rclone/cache-backend",
    "info_age": "1d",
    "plex_url": "http://localhost:32400/",
    "remote": "gdrive:/Backup",
    "type": "cache"

"gcrypt": {
    "directory_name_encryption": "true",
    "filename_encryption": "standard",
    "remote": "gcache",
    "type": "crypt"

"gdrive": {
    "scope": "drive",
    "type": "drive"

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