Rclone in OpenELEC/LibreELEC


I need help installing Rclone in LibreELEC 7.0.2.

Platform: Linux ARM 32-bit version 3.10.33, Kodi 16.1-RC3.

I can’t “sudo cp rclone /usr/sbin/” -> cp: can’t create ‘/usr/sbin/rclone’: Read-only file system

I can’t “sudo mandb” -> mandb: not found

Can rclone be installed in /storage/.config? And the manpage?

Thank you.


You don’t need to move the binary file - just run it from where you unzip it.

cd /storage/
mkdir rclone; cd rclone
wget http://downloads.rclone.org/rclone-v1.34-linux-amd64.zip
unzip rclone-v1.34-linux-amd64.zip
./rclone config

Used the rclone-v1.34-linux-arm.zip

After chown and chmod, “/storage/rclone/rclone config” gives “-sh: /storage/rclone/rclone: Permission denied”

Do I have to use the linux amd64 zip?

rclone and rclone.1 are in folder /storage/rclone

Thank you.

Got it! Were the rclone and rclone.1 permissions.

Let me explore more. Thank you :slight_smile: