Rclone in Microsoft Onedrive

i try create new remote folder, I waited a long time but nothing

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at that point, rclone will try to open a web browser as you need to login to onedrive.

That is ubuntu server not desktop, i'm using ssh and try it with
curl command but failed.

once again create new remote folder

You missed all the details in the help and support template that would aid in solving your issue.

If you are on a headless machine, you need a browser somewhere else and you'd pick the headless option.

oh, the os and version of rclone, that were some of the question in the template.......

you need to follow this

at this step, what should i do

you need a computer that has

  • a web browser
  • rclone installed

on that computer, run rclone authorize "onedrive", which will open a web browser.
login to onedrive.
get the result and paste it into ubuntu server command prompt.

Thank you very much, i have done with that.
Hope to learn more rclone

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