Rclone ignoring directories in --exclude

I’m trying to backup a drive while completely ignoring four directories that are at the root:


But rclone is not picking up those excluded directories for some reason. I have tried putting a slash at the beginning like the doc states to specify a path and rclone is not excluding them. The .DS_Store file does get properly excluded.

The full command I’m trying to run is:

rclone sync /Volumes/Personal gdriveCrypt:iMac-Late2012-Sierra/Personal --backup-dir=gdriveCrypt:iMac-Late2012-Sierra/Personal.bak/`date +%Y_%m_%d_%H_%M_%S` --exclude ".DS_Store" --exclude ".DocumentRevisions-V100" --exclude ".TemporaryItems" --exclude ".Trashes" --exclude ".fseventsd" --log-level="DEBUG" --log-file=/Users/andyibanez/rclone_logs/Personal

I’m running rclone 1.38 on macOS Sierra.

Will appreciate any help.

I found my answer on this comment on an issue:

--exclude .Trashes/**

Directories need to be excluded with a /** after their name.

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