Rclone has been banned from Amazon Drive

Mmmm… Now I have to really think hard and deep how to implement acd_cli again…

Why since acd_cli was banned a week before rclone got banned as well.

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Uffffff. What’s the best (cheapest) alternative to Amazon?

Google Drive is by far best one, but its not good to keep lib on only one provider.

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Now he tells me =)
Any suggestions on how to transfer stuff to Google Drive with this ban? Probably copying everything locally eh… uff!

I’ve got Multicloud & CloudHQ running, trying to transfer 10TB but it’s seriously slow. Can you not use those while the ban is on?

Ah. I’ll try that.
And no, they should work still. The ban is for rclone, not one of those.

In that case… Try the Google Compute everybody is attempting? I’m going to try that myself at some point as apparently the speed is around 100MB/s!

As a syncing tool you mean?
Anyway - setup cloudhq, seems to be working. But is going slow, so it’ll be a while before I have access again. Oh well.

Amazon support as others have said have told me “rclone is no longer suported”.

I am now trying to download all my encrypted data locally using the amazon desktop app. About 5% of files are failing with ‘File Path too long’ despite being uploaded fine onto ACD and previously being accessable via rclone. Even using amazons web interface fails.

File paths and names are under restricted lenghts. Has amazon been changing a few things? Anyone else have this problem or know a work around

They are gonna have so much free space now :smile:


Guessing space wasn’t the issue. Bandwidth more likely.

Guess they’re going to save a ton on both :stuck_out_tongue:

People downloading multi-TB datasets off ACD to move them someplace else… they may “save” so much in bandwidth costs that they might have to close the service altogether :rolling_eyes:

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First many thanks to Nick for all the great work done with rclone. :wink:

I have noticed that since the end of April 2017, the mainpage of ACD : https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/ has changed and now the “Unlimited Storage” appears in small letters (see for instance the previous look : https://web.archive.org/web/20170401232408/https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/home?ref_=cd_auth_home).

Fingers crossed :wink:

They have the bandwidth. It took me weeks to upload the data but its going to come down in less than a day. Really they won’t give a shit about digruntled rclone users. Its a drop in the ocean to them in terms of revenue.

Anyway effectively they have lost my data because I can not now download all my files that i uploaded. Pretty shitty service.

The most shitty part is revoking rclone without any prior notice at minimum they could inform us rclone will be revoked in 30 days or something.

Absolutely. I have paid for this service. I only had 1tb of data. I am left stuck for a service that I thought was solid. I bought the service on the basis of how it worked when i bought it, Then they move the goal posts. Not good. I am thinking of complaing to advertising standards/Consumer standards ogansisations in the uk

Hey guys, i saw that amazon revoked the rclone developer token but when i look in my rclone.conf, i see that : “expiry”:"2017-05-13T08:42:36.218653011+02:00

Maybe, we just need to wait for a new token ?

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That’s not the same token – They revoked the private token that allows the app to request a session token (which is what you’re seeing)