RClone GUI suggestions needed



My suggestions for RcloneBrowser UI improvement…

Would your sw run under windows? Could it be portable?





Hi All,

I am just a typical user under windows.

My dream is having rclone user interface that is almost embedded or quile similar to file explorer.
I have been using RcloneBrowser and RCloneExplorer https://github.com/andrewiankidd/rcloneExplorer
and in my androw gadgets RcloneExplorer for Android https://github.com/kaczmarkiewiczp/rcloneExplorer
I tried to use rclone mount … Mount @ Windows 10 - Solving speed issues with big multimedia files

Obviously a simple file explorer UI will not be able to cover all rclone functionalyties.

I would propose

a) a simple GUI, native application, to mimik file explorer functions, just for simple rclone tasks, portable (ie, not needing installation and status self contained, ie USB mode…)

b) a rich GUI covering schedule, background tasks, etc. Obviously this could be an advanced GUI within the same application…

I certainly prefer a portable native code better than an browser based interface. For me is more clean, clear and reliable, and fills less mental space and usually is more resource (memory, CPU) lean, ie, less use of. And it does not mixup wiht other open tabs etc.

Of course rclone as we know now should remain… I have not explored using rclone in service mode but if not available it would be a request…

Other dreams

  • remote control of rclone (i.e. from the othere part of the world to my home machine :wink:
  • easy configuration of remotes, so as click on remote and being able to modify name, password, etc. And to change passwords in cloud services… Current tree based alphanumeric approach… is very efficient in resources but not the most friendly.
  • read configuration file from cloud storage

By the way, another inspiration should be CarotDAV. Works like a charm for its given features. Short of many cloudproviders but delicious in many ways.

My $1 :slight_smile:



Hey guys!

Do you know where I can find a compiled binary of RcloneBrowser for Mac
with the recent commits for improved compatibility with current Rclone version?

It would help a lot since I cannot install compilers nor VMs on my current system.



compile it, instructions can be found on the github side.

here (available for 30 days);

Compiled by myself, 15 Feb, source:


Anyone could complie a RcloneBrowser Windows for current rclone?

I am not able either…


Would @benba or anyone else who is knowledgeable be able to compile the latest RcloneBrowser for those of us who don't know coding?

I'm trying to use RcloneBrowser to upload to Google Drive and it works fine but it doesn't show output such as size, transferred, bandwidth, etc...

I'm using rclone-browser-1.2-a1156a0-win64, which is the latest version on the GitHub that I can see.



Use this fork:

Later edit:
In order to have all dependencies solved, first install https://github.com/kaczmarkiewiczp/rcloneExplorer

Then replace .exe with the one from DinCahill ...


Thanks - I downloaded the RcloneBrowser.exe file but on running it says "The code execution cannot proceed because QT5Widgets.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem." and when I click OK on that it says the same thing for QT5Gui.dll and then Qt5WinExtras.dll and then Qt5Core.dll

Any idea why this may be? Is there something else I need to install first?


That worked thanks a bunch. Will give it a try :+1: