Mount @ Windows 10 - Solving speed issues with big multimedia files

When using explorer in Windows 10 (but not N version) to access a directory mounted with rclone, if there are multimedia files delays are to be expected, specially if files are big.
This is due to explorer working to show thumbnails and also length, date and other metadata. No solution can be achived hidding the metadata columns.

Thumbnails issue can be solved configuring the options of explorer (show icons not thumbnails). Solving the other issue needs touching the registry.

Note that it is not a windows bug, it is a feature that loads the system; it can be noticed when using local files but behaves badly when files are big and not local, as many times this requires reading most of the file… or at least a big part of it. And if there are many files in a folder, this multiplies the issue.

EASY alternatives: use CMD, speedcommander (not free, 60 days full trial free) or nightcommander (free open source) instead of explorer.

Otherwise, “adjust” windows explorer behaviour:

a) Icons no thumbnails
b) Handlers (requires touching the registry)

SETUP for Windows 10 (all but N version):
You will lose duration and date information in the explorer view:
Registry changes (only if you know what you do):



Modify HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\PropertySystem\PropertyHandlers.mp4



change .mp4 key value to {#f81b1b56-7613-4ee4-bc05-1fab5de5c07e}
(this requires to take ownership of SystemPropertyHandlers)

(EXAMPLE FOR .mp4 files. For other files, proceed the same for the extensions of the files, adding a # in front of the key contents)

Reboot, and ready!

To revert

Remove # in

and in

.mp4 key value {#f81b1b56-7613-4ee4-bc05-1fab5de5c07e}
(needs also reboot)

Enjoy :grinning:

For W7 and W8

For taking ownership

right click on SystemPropertyHandlers >> Permissions, click on Advanced, at the top it will say: Owner: Trusted installer [change], click change. type:


in to the blank box and click Ok, click ok to return to the permissions dialog. Select Administrators and make sure that ‘Full Control’ is checked. Click Ok to return to regedit.

Additional tip
If you wish to change windows property handlers by others, it is possible. see

Still trying a way to avoid rebooting. Next idea is killing&restarting explorer and see if no reboot is needed…

Most of the black magics comes from knowledge shared byín/?ws=usercard-mini

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So the free and easiest method is nightcommander. However, I don't find this freeware on google, can you link it, please?


Sorry, Midnight Commander

Besides, while I checked CMD was fast, MC going fast is a conjeture... Had no time to test it, please feed us back with your own experience...

Thank you!
I tried it and it's super fast.
I run mount with -vv --allow-other --no-modtime --max-read-ahead 50M --tpslimit 5 and Midnight Commander with
and I monitor the CMD to see how it interacts with rclone, and it's very fast!

I also tried Explorer++ and it's more convenient for a Windows user.
I used these settings:

Requires much less rclone callouts than Windows Explorer!

Thanks a bunch!
I had to take care of other issues and had parked the use of mounts in windows.
So we have a full solution.
I use a lot explorer++ but did not try as was afraid it could behave as W. exploder...
I will try to update the first post.

Do you think this should go in the rclone mount docs? Care to prepare some words?

I will propose some words.

I am not sure explorer++ is good, I just right click on a file of a mounted remote and it took a long...

Will try midnight commander....

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Hmm you're right about right click.. But, just curious, why would you want to right click a file?

for a rename? cut/paste, ....

I will try next midnight commander

Yes, I mean it's easier and faster to use the keyboard shortcuts for these.

A) I was unable to edit the howto, so I wrote a V2 - hope it is clearer - see here

Perhaps this initial howto can be deleted... to avoid clutter.


B) Proposal for rclone mount docs

When mounting remotes under Windows 10 (not N version), explorer use can produce long delays in its command execution, especially when the remote folder has many multimedia big files. Those are neither bugs nor malfunctions, neither rclone nor windows: are produced by windows features.

To avoid those delays, you can:

Recomended approach: use MyCommander -
(free, portable, w32/64, modern=2017, mouse support, GUI; but no source code ;-(

Other ways:
a) Avoid right clicking in files. As for example, if you want to rename, just left click then rename. If you want to copy/paste, use ctrl-c then ctrl-v.

b) For moving, use a explorer alternative with at least two pannels, so click and move. Free (as in free beer) ones, portables, such as Explorer++, Q-Dir, FreeComander. In any of those, right clicks will imply delays

c) Use CMD commands and/or pure old style console file managers such as free portable Far Commander (or if you like it more, Midnight Commander). No delays at all (copy/download operations aside) - unfortunately, no mouse friendly ;-( and they have they own learning curve. The less complex to learn for me is Brian Havard File Commander

d) for experts, heavy users, there is the option to modify windows (explorer) file handlers and behaviour. See how to for details.

Not evaluated alternative file managers:
mucommander - promising -
onecommander - promising -
necromancer DOS navigator -

For details (TL;DR) see howto: Mount @ Windows 10 - Solving speed issues with big multimedia files - V2