Rclone Google Photos?

I’m looking for a solution for syncing all photos on a macOS laptop (raw & jpeg) to Google Photos.
Currently my client is using Google Backup and Sync, but the GUI is clunky, has few options, can’t be scheduled, uses too much resources, etc.

I’d like to have a CLI option to solve all those problems, and rclone seems like a good fit, if it could pull it off.

Is anything like this in the works? This would be huge.


Issue is captured here:

There is also this which may impact this. It's rumor only at this point.

That is a bit worrying. We'll definitely have to make a google photos backend if that happens.

Closed by accident.

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Related info:

Google backend is in progress :slight_smile: Just trying to get it validated by google so I can have sensible oauth limits then I'll announce it!


Thanks a lot! The main reason why I got a G-Suite subscription in the first place was to be able to backup my photos!

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I currently (probably like most) sync my google drive and google photos to Wasabi (encrypted) and to a local drive on a raspberry pi, so I am all covered... except of course now the Photos -> Drive link is going to be severed.

Thanks for picking this up Nick. Rclone is awesome! Use it for syncing, copying, disk usage, listings etc, it's the SwissArmy Tool for my file management and replication :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your effort!

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Do you have an update on this? I'm attempting to sync/mount my google photos account but I get errors/crashes whenever I try to browse any of the root googlephotos folders.

Would really love to get my photos back ever since they google removed their google driver sync feature.

FYI, this is the error I'm getting:

media/all/: Dir.Stat error: couldn't list files: Quota exceeded for quota metric 'photoslibrary.googleapis.com/all_requests' and limit 'ApiCallsPerProjectPerDay' of service 'photoslibrary.googleapis.com' for consumer 'project_number:'. (429 RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED)

I'm still trying to get google to approve rclone as an official client so it has a really low quota.

You can make your own client id which will give you more quota.

In the meantime is there any workaround to get our photos saved in google drive (apart from downloading them manually from photos.google.com and then uploading them to drive.google.com)

Is there anywhere that documents how I would go about making my own client id?

Follow the procedure here: https://rclone.org/drive/#making-your-own-client-id but enable the google photos API instead.

OMG that worked! Thank you so much!

Do you have any idea why it would be reducing the bit depth in my images? Reducing them from 32 to 24. I have my google photos set to keep original quality. If I download the same image directly from google photos website it keeps the same size and bit depth that it was uploaded at. But when I rclone sync to a folder, all the images are 24 bit.

:frowning: That is all the API rclone gets. If you check the limitations section you'll see it mangles videos, I didn't realise it mangled photos in that way. Maybe you could find a corresponding google issue about it and I'll put it in the docs?