Rclone, Google Drive & Plex, what is exactly the problem with googleapi?

hey there,
I know that the combination google drive, rclone & plex does not work very well because of too many api requests. But could someone tell me exactly when rclone calls the api too often?

Rclone already caches the directory listing as far as I know so this would not invoke the api, correct?

I’m trying to understand the problem so I can write a fuse layer in between that will caches the api responses and also prefetches the first x% of a file.

Thanks in advance

On library update, Plex scan’s and access all the files on cloud.
To solve it rclone would need to keep local cashe of folder/file structure with all stats eg size, created/modified etc…

The problem is once xxx amount of files are accessed google will lock the drive, even simple ls -lah trough files will cause the lock.

I’m currently working on a standalone google fuse solution. The googleapi ist quite capable of delivering all the stats of all files in a directory in only on request. So scanning currently just takes one request per library. By watching the “changes” endpoint of the api is quite easy to flush the correct caches.
Also my solution saves all created files in a separate local folder and automatically uploads files with a mtime older than 1h to google, flushes the internal caches and deletes the local file after a successful upload. So this should be a perfect for the plex optimizer.

If its not against any board rules I’ll post a github link here when I think the app is ready for a beta test.

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It would be possible to leverage your tool with rclone, same as I currently with with acd_cli and rclone (my performance is about 200-300% better with this setup).

Basically, you would mount the encrypted google drive with your tool and then use rclone to decrypt via local folder.

Yeah thats a great idea.

But it seems that I don’t totally understand the googleapi restrictions. Yesterday I managed to get my drive locked, but the api console shows a total of approx 950 api request for the whole day. So the 1000 requests / 100 seconds limit cannot be the problem.
Currently I need one request per directory for names, size, mimetype ect. and one request per file to start a stream and consume the data.

@ncw Maybe you have more information for this problem?

I have

@Torsten of some note as well this gdrive fuse implementation works perfectly with plex so might be some clues


I found this environmental variable for Plex and haven’t tested it thoroughly, but my theory that if you reduce number of files Plex opens then it may decrease chance of being banned from google:


The default seems to be 4096 which is a lot of files opened.


What is your setup?

I am currently using Plex with rclone and google drive on Synology DSM 6 with no issues whatsoever and my library has more than 6000 (that number increases 100 files every day/2 days).
When I first started playing with rclone I was getting disconnected very often, what I did instead of asking rclone to list and remount I created a task to run every 5 minutes (ls /foldermounted) and changed the way Plex updates the library to check only changes in folders with new files. That’s been working for 10 days now and 0 issues, no bans nor connection problems.

these are my current commands to mount
rclone mount --allow-non-empty --allow-other --read-only remote:/ /folderNAS/ &

Where is that setting in Plex?

I think to be big problem with google drive is to scan a library from scratch. Once you have it up and running, plex will only scan the new files.

As far as I understand it, during a scan Plex opens every file at 2 - 4 different locations for probing and I don’t see a way of avoiding or caching this. Also throttling api request didn’t help me either (one request every 250ms).

Next time my drive unlocks I’ll try to monitor the total consumed data of a plex scan and look if there might be a daily download limit.
Or has anyone any clues?

Settings, Server, Library and second option, Run a partial scan when changes are detected

How big is your library in Drive?

My Google Drive is currently at 8.7 TB (Movies & TV Shows)

Beauty thank you!!!

I’ll try this. My library is at 32TB

this wont work on mounted drives as its expect ion OS to send notification and that one is working only on local disks.

Atm Iam updating via cli only library i uploaded stuff eg movies if i uploaded new movie, but iam thinking about extending script in a way to update only the newly added folders.

Waiting for my new server since on current one I dont have nginx and sincc Iam using diffrened server to upload stuff need to make some kind of webcall for it, ( plex default web service does not support passing folders just sections updates )


Actually this does work if you’re using a UnionFS to join the local media folder and a mounted gdrive/acd together.

New videos are put in the local folder and this triggers the OS notifications. This is how I’ve been doing it for a few months. It’s great because Plex detects changes immediately so new media shows up almost instantaneously.

This of course only works if you’re download and Plex server are the same.

That’s interesting, I checked and you are right, it does scan the whole library.
I have followed one of your cronjobs to remount and it works great :blush:
Now I would like to create a task to update Plex library via CLI only scanning new added files te reduce the amount of requests, How should I do it? My Plex server is mounted on Synology if that helps.


i joined my folder with unionfs.

/local/library -> is local library
/gdrive/library -> is google library
/fused/library -> is the joined library

Plex looks in /fused/library

I checked automatic refresh library, and partial refresh in plex server settings.

but i dont get the auto refresh. when i use the local library in plex, then i get os notification and refresh occurs.

Do you have some idea?