Rclone Google auth key

How safe is the connection between rclone (on RHEL) and a Gdrive? Where can I view the authentication keys for rclone in my Google account?


rclone + Google are done via HTTPS connection for authentication and for any transfer of data between them.

Your rclone.conf is the key thing to secure as that contains you authentication information so you'd want to protect that.

Thanks for the quick reply! Since I'm new, can you provide a link to instructions on exactly how to protect that .conf file? It currently is set to 600 perms.

It really depends on how paranoid / careful you want to be.

I have my own linux server in my house so I'm not worried about anyone else using it.

For me 600 on the file would be fine, if you are worried about root hitting it, you could always encrypt it.

You can take a look at this as it walks through the encryption:


The big thing being that anyone can access your stuff if your rclone.conf is comprised.

Perfect! Thanks again!

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