Rclone gdrive server side move within crypt when both remote's use same keys?

If one has 2 remotes that have the same crypt setup (i.e. keys), is it possible to do a server side move (with an account that has access to both remotes, obviously). Example: one team drive to another team drive.

I'm pretty sure I can do it on the lower level remote that has the encrypted data, but that is more annoying due to not wanting to move everything and having to figure out what needs to move.


you want to server side move just some files, not all the files?

if so, you could use mounts.

wouldn't mounts involve a non server side move?

as i understand it, mounts can do server sides moves.

i think i am wrong to suggest using mounts of encrypted remotes can do server side moves.

i found this post, i had help contribute to.

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