Rclone gdrive mount not refreshing used space, only after remount

i am not a hijackoff, it is against my computational religion.

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What does rclone about nameofyourremote: say?

The mount info is based on that.

I'll test that today. Just checked now, and will check again after upload.

rclone about does display update stats after upload, with a delay of a few seconds. as gdrive itself has a delay.
but rclone mount will wait until --dir-cache-time expires to update free space.

i did a few tests with rclone.exe mount gdrive-a1b2: x: --dir-cache-time=1s

  • if i upload a set of files via the mount, as soon as each file has been uploaded, the free space is updated in real-time, just like you would expect from a local file system.
  • using gdrive website, if i delete those files and empty trash, the mount will change to reflect that almost in real-time
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What about with a high dir-cache-time, but after a refresh? That would be my case.

  1. rclone.exe mount gdrive-a1b2: x: --dir-cache-time=1000h --rc
  2. copy files to mount
  3. rclone.exe rc vfs/refresh recursive=true -vv
  4. free space did not refresh.
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So I wasn't going crazy!

BTW, does -vv do anything for you with the refresh? I thought a refresh did not have any output at this time.

about going crazy, i think the best reply is no comment as i could get in trouble in the forum.
but you know what i am thinking, going, going, gone....
i mean, really, anybody using an avatar like that has to be ...

rclone.exe rc vfs/refresh recursive=true -vv
2020/11/17 19:06:07 DEBUG : rclone: Version "v1.53.2" starting with parameters ["C:\\data\\rclone\\scripts\\rclone.exe" "rc" "vfs/refresh" "recursive=true" "-vv"]
        "result": {
                "": "OK"
2020/11/17 19:06:08 DEBUG : 4 go routines active

New rclone flag --no-comment to be followed by --timeout :wink:

OK, that's what I thought about -v or -vv with refresh. What I'm waiting for is output of what it's actually doing.

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rclone rc vfs/refresh recursive=true -vv --dump headers
edit: does not show anything useful

editedit: add --dump headers with a log file to the mount command and then do a refresh.
there is stuff in that log file about the refresh.

Almost had a heart attack just now after I re-mounted :stuck_out_tongue:

Windows Explorer showed the mount as having lost 40TB! So, I ran about again, and it turns out that G had finally emptied a large chunk of the trash.

Just to confirm, though: the USED amount shown with about includes the trash, right? RIGHT? :wink:

It doesn't appear to for my basic google account , but the rules may be different for enterprise accounts or shared drives...

Thanks Nick. That appears to be the case. I'll report back, since I still have more than 100TB in the trash :scream:

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