Rclone + gdrive + 55tb library can't complete scan

I am have a large tv and movie collection, I have mounted and plex see drive fine but scanning seems to lock my files, is there any tricks to getting plex to complete a scan or any tricks that if I import a complete scanned library that I can get plex to do only the new files? Even with a --dir-cache-time=30 seems that the new files never trigger the partial scan. It seems to trigger a full scan. Just wondering if anyone has any tips


I have the same issue. Makes the gdrive unusable for Plex. I believe the cause is too many requests that trigger the lock.

There are a few options you want to disable in Plex for starters:

Settings > Server > Scheduled Tasks > Uncheck:
"Perform extensive media analysis during maintenance"
"Refresh metadata periodically"
"Upgrade media analysis during maintenance"
"Update all libraries during maintenance"
"Refresh local metadata every three days"
"Remove old cache files every week" <-- Maybe

This will help prevent a lot of needless file scanning/folder accessing, however, it will not stop the issue you have. See:

You can break up your library into many sections, example: Sunday - Saturday, Kids, etc, refresh each section as needed. Your movie section is probably causing the most requests to Google as typically there are many folders, and Plex has to check every folder. You could save a lot of time refreshing and perhaps eliminate your problem mostly by putting all of your Movies in a single directory without any subdirectories. Example: