Rclone (ftp), unable to create new directories

I have a machine running vsftpd. The home directory for ftp users is on an NFS share and has full permissions. From inside and outside my network, I can successfully complete an rclone copy operation. Accessfing FTP directly, from both inside and outside of my network, I can create new directorys and write files with the ftp user account.

Someone is trying to copy files to me. When they try, they get an error:

Failed to copy: Put mkParentDir failed: 550 Create directory operation failed.

I can’t reproduce the error and am unsure if it’s an ftpd or rclone issue. Has anyone run into anything similar?

Are you using the latest rclone 1.43? If not give that a go.

Next step would be to collect a log with -vv of the problem happening - that will give some clues I’m sure.