Rclone for local only (plex) cache?

hey there.
i thought about using rclone for "local only" setup for plex caching from (spinned-down)hdd-array to ssd on unraid.

since i used vfs-cache with gdrive and rclone for years...

do the pro's know anything that speaks against such setup?
anything i have I have to pay special attention to ?
or maybe even a better (native?) solution?


And what is the goal? Are your rust hdd too slow to play your content?

You wont avoid easily disks from spinning up all the time anyway. Unless your goal is to watch one film again and again,

yeah.. since they're spinned down after 15min inactivity, it takes some (short) time to get them back working. can be annoying.

of course, new files, not watched, do need to spin up the disks anyways, but not for just having them paused.

I would say it is worth to try. You have to experiment. Make sure you have big SSD cache and set cache content and dirs validity very large. It will help a bit for sure.

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IMO, you'd be better off organizing your content underneath better.

Depending on your setup, you can use something like unBalance to move things from one disk to another as I keep things organized by that a bit so old stuff is on disks that never really get touched.

My power consumption isn't really an issue and I dislike spinning up and down disks as it's more problematic for wear if you do that a lot than just keeping it spinning.

I mitigate disk failures with 2 parity drives in my setup so if I do get failures, I have to be super unlucky, but it's plex data anyway. If it all went away, it's just annoying and not 'mission critical' data for me.

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