Rclone for Android (new app)

I’m not the developer, but I found this version of rclone for android. And it works pretty well (90%)
Name: AIS synchro
Id: pl.sviete.dom.rcloneexplorer
Author: Andrzej Raczkowski
Size: 32MB
Android: 5.0 and up
URl: Play Store

How to use:
You can import rclone.conf through the app but sometimes failed. You can copy rclone.conf file to rclone folder under sdcard. Also you can create new config.

After that you can acces to all files, stream, download, upload, delete, move, rename.
Some bugs: box make close the app, sharepoint dont allow stream videos.

You can download and upload to any cloud, also you can stream videos. Stream videos sometimes is slow to start, also to see the list of files. I think the app can be improved, or maybe the problem is with the api. Pcloud was the fastest service to start to stream and to get the list of files.


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is it open source?
much better is terminal + rclone compiled for arm, serve webdav or http and file manager with webdav support

Wait, wait, wait!!! Webdav means write support. Great news (or at least it is news for me…)!

Any recommended settings on rclone side? Or limitations that would make this less useful?
This can also help in other situations if you want to use a decent file manager but don’t want or can’t mount.

This is actually a fork from my app, Rclone Explorer. Looks like the developers didn’t add any extra features, just keep merging in my updates. So if you find any bugs or have feature requests, it might be best to open an issue in my project.

I didn’t upload my app to the Play Store, but I do distribute APKs through GitHub, with versions for x86 and ARM devices.

But AIS synchro is also open source, so here’s a link to their GitHub page


Nice! Only problem is i have to wait 20 seconds to start stream videos.

How do we get this on Android TV so I can run rclone direct off my Plex Server from my Nvidia Shield?

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cd /data/data/pl.sviete.dom.rcloneexplorer/files/ && ./rclone --config “rclone.conf” config
installed this app ,no need to compile rclone on Android yourself, thanks for the developer