Rclone flac musci

Google Drive with flac and mp3
Raspberry Pi 4
64MB SD Card
Moode Audio or Volumio music streaming software

I dont want anything to copy or save to the pi sd card. What is the best method to mount google drive? What flags should I use to get the best performance? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

you can mount the gdrive as a local folder.
"In this mode the cache will read directly from the remote and write directly to the remote without caching anything on disk"
rclone mount gdrive: /mnt/music vfs-cache-mode=off


you can use rclone as a dlna server
rclone serve dlna gdrive: --vfs-cache-mode=off

THANK YOU for you quick reply. Which method would be the best? And no another flags? Ie buffer size? Newbie here

i would try the serve dlna first, as is, no extra flags.
quick and easy and players on your network should see it via upnp.

most players, such as vlc, will buffer by reading a few seconds ahead, to smooth playing.

Again thank you. This is very helpful! I assume i can run rclone dlna on the pi along with music software?

yes, give it a try
Volumio supports streaming from dlna servers

So I got it setup but now luck. volumio doesnt see it and I get 404 error going to it via the browser?

i do not use pi and do not use volumio .

but i use rclone serve dlna and it works with every device i have tried.

  • windows
  • linux,
  • vlc on linux, android and windows and ios.
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