Rclone --filter x --include


I’m trying to use the filter option but it looks is not working:

If I use the option --include, it works as expected:

rclone ls provider:folder/subfolder  --include "Volume-Diario-*"
3999966106 Volume-Diario-0001
3999937261 Volume-Diario-0002
3424097091 Volume-Diario-0003
3999998221 Volume-Diario-0004
3999985715 Volume-Diario-0005
3999952188 Volume-Diario-0006
3999985521 Volume-Diario-0007
3999975935 Volume-Diario-0008
3999962589 Volume-Diario-0009
3999986006 Volume-Diario-0010
3999990458 Volume-Diario-0011
3999971461 Volume-Diario-0012
3999936827 Volume-Diario-0013
3999980694 Volume-Diario-0014
3999963755 Volume-Diario-0015

If I use --filter option doesn’t works.
rclone ls provider:folder/subfolder --filter "+ Volume-Diario-*"
Show all files in the folder.

What I’m doing wrong ?

You need to add a --filter '- *' on the end - --include does this for you implicitly, --filter doesn’t.