Rclone file compression encryption

I'm using rclone to back up my home directory to google drive with encryption. However, this makes it difficult to access any of my files on different computers without rclone installed. I saw that there was the option to use compression with gzip, but is there the ability to use this compression with password authentication? This would make it much easier to access my documents across different devices without having to compromize on security.

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i tend to run paranoid, and would not trust my critical data to be backed up with beta software.
the compress feature has much potential but has a long way to go before it should be used for backups.
in my testing there way no way to add flags to the compression program.

keep in mind that

  • compression feature is beta.
  • due to name mangling, you will need rclone to decompress the files.
  • it creates multiple files for each compressed file.
  • if the feature, in the future, is not maintained, you could have issues recovering the backup files.


also keep in mind that there is the cache feature.
that software never left beta, has known bugs, has no maintainer and will soon be obsolete and removed.

what i do.
i run my own python script and amoung other things, compresses files and folders using 7zip.
i enable encryption and compression.

I see, it would seem that the best solution for me then is to use gzip to routinely generate an encrypted compressed archive of the folder(s) I want, and then use rclone to upload that to my drive. Is there then the option to exclude encryption for those files/folders? After all encrypting an encrypted archive with rclone kind of defeats the purpose of being able to access it elsewhere.

if you encrypt the gzip file then you would not need to use a rclone crypt.

just rclone copy thefile.gz remote:

Got it, thanks for the help!

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