Rclone exclude folder starting with letter range


looking at implementing rClone to sync from my nextcloud server to my UNRAID box, but for some instances I only want a selective sync of folders of a certain letter range. For example, folders starting with A-E.

I did a quick google search and couldn't find anything talking about achieving something like this.. is this possible with rClone?

Good examples here: https://rclone.org/filtering/ It's infinitely flexible.

A simple example is --include "/[a-e]**/**"

Use --ignore-case if you want lower and upper case included.

Play with the include syntax to get precisely what you want.

Always a good idea to test with rclone ls to see that it returns what you actually want.

rclone ls remote: --include "/[a-e]**/**" --ignore-case

For compound or complex filters many of us use filter or --filter-from rather than --include / --exclude.

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