Rclone encrypted and restore


I'm running rclone v1.50.2 with Dropbox, configured to encrypt uploads. My OS is Linux Ubuntu 20.04.
I'm still a newbie when it comes to rclone. I successfully upload/update encrypted files to Dropbox. What seems to concerning me is a scenario where I need to go the other way around. Imagine installing Ubuntu from scratch due to some kind of failure and having the encrypted files intact in Dropbox. How do I prepare for such an event and how to do a restore? I can't find good information on not a unthinkable scenario.

If you want an easy life, make sure you have a backup of the rclone config file. That is at rclone config file.

All you actually need is the passwords you created the crypt with, and you can recreate the config file with that.

The config file is usually short enough and text based that you could store it in your password manager, for example.

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that is a very old version of rclone, you can update here...

the rclone.conf file has all the needed info.
that config can be copied to another computer running the same or different operating system.
also, good idea to backup that config file.

Wow...quick answer guys. Thanks. When I look through the config file there is access_token. Will the same access_token work on new installation? Or even on another device?

if you look at the token, you can see that they expire.
when the token expires, rclone will request a new token.
you can also do that manually.

you can copy the rclone config file to a new computer and use the config file as is.

from the rclone log

2021/02/16 10:33:44 DEBUG : gsuite: Loaded fresh token from config file
2021/02/16 10:33:44 DEBUG : gsuite: Saved new token in config file

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