Rclone encrypt password

Hi all,
I’m in the process of swapping boxes for plex server and have setup everything on the new server. My issue is I have forgotten the password to my encrypted gdrive, so currently on the new box the encrypted remote isn’t decrypting.

I still have access to the old rclone config file, so realise I can copy this over to the new server, but this isn’t ideal as I want to start using rclone’s cache feature, so need to re-do the current remotes (and I would like to get the password in case I lose the config file in the future)

I would appreciate any assistance if this is possible.



I think the frist step must be create an new Crypt with an new knowing Password and move all files to the new Crypt…

You can jiggle about the config manually to just change the crypt mountpoint to the cache.
So for example:

Gdrive: is the mount of google drive
Media-cached: is the mount of the cache wrapper on google drive
Media: is the crypt layer.

Just point Media: to Media-cache: instead of to Gdrive: as long as Media-cached: is pointed to gdrive.

Remember subfolders, as you shouldn’t have used crypt on the root without a subfolder really.