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Hi everyone,

i have had plex on a dedicated server including the space; Today I want to change to a vps with google drive, I have been reading a lot and I still have doubts about how rclone works with ecryp and union (to avoid the daily 750gb I think about having 4 connections to gdrive).

  • In my scenario using ecryp (I know it encrypts my files) what benefit do I get?
  • In my scenario to use ecryp (I know it encrypts my files) what benefit is obtained in the connection of rclone with plex?
  • if I use several connections to gdrive to have 4 drives, is it essential to use rclone union?
  • Using rclone cache is essential for my scenario?
  • if I have videos already in gdrive without ecryp, how to make these also be with crypt?, or can I use the same rclone config of my vps on my local pc to upload my videos to gdrive and encrypted?

I appreciate your time in helping me, I'm new to this and sorry for the English, I'm not good with the English language.

Thank you

hello and welcome to the forum,

the benifit is that the files are crypted.

no real benefit between rclone and plex

not essential, i use multiple mounts at the same time without using union.

the vfs file cache is optional, some rcloners do not use it.
often i do not use the vfs file cache.

you have to create a crypt remote and copy/move the files into the crypt remote.
yes, you can use the same rclone config file on the vps and on the local pc.

thanks for the prompt response to my questions

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