Rclone during internet failure


Today i lost internet during a sync and rclone did not error out, (i was running -vv). It just kept repeating the file transfers and their percentages sitting at 0bytes/sec and it sat that way for 15 minutes before i cancelled the job and re-ran the sync.

Is this normal behavior?

Transfers should timeout after 5 minutes and get retried. Which remote were you using?

The remote was SFTP. During the sync we lost complete internet.

Ah, that explains it - timeouts don’t work on SFTP. It would have timed out eventually - TCP timeouts can be hours though.

I should probably turn on keepalives in the ssh layer (not sure that is possible at the moment though).

You can perhaps add a check if the transfers are going at 0Bytes/sec?

I had this happen again. The summary window shows a value that is normal (say, 300KB/s) but each individual upload was sitting at 0bytes/sec.

Would the conn timeout option help?

I tried setting the --timeout and it does not appear to affect SFTP :non-potable_water: