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Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum so I'm sorry for something, I'll try to adapt as quickly as possible

I've been trying to solve this problem for a while (if there is any solution)

I also went to the dropbox chat and they told me to come here

I usually download a lot of things from the internet, but my local disk is pretty full, so I made a local dropbox disk to download things and put them directly on it, but in the app I use (qbittorrent) it downloads to a certain part ( most parts was 4GB) and then access denied appears, I saw people saying that it was because I needed the file on my pc for rclone to accept the sharing, but for me, as it downloaded 4GB the problem is not that, I would like to know if there is one solution and if this is the problem

thank you for your attention everyone, and have a great day

hello and welcome to the forum,

the drive is external usb?
what is the file systems, fat32 or what?

if you are using qbit to download to a local drive,
then what role does rclone play?

so, rclone's role is to make the dropbox cloud accessible on my pc so i can transfer files, i mounted it with nssm, so it's not usb, it's a local disk mounted with rclone along with a windows service to make it always available

i have a howto guide about qbit and rclone.
basically, download torrent to local and rclone move to cloud.


the problem is exactly this, today I download the file on my pc and then I move it to the dropbox mounted with rclone to leave the seed torrent, I am on a private tracker so there is the seed rule, what do I What I want is, instead of downloading to my pc and then going to dropbox, is to download directly to dropbox, thus making this whole download and seed process easier

that is not possible, could try --magic :wink:

  1. download entire 4GiB torrent
  2. move to cloud

for each torrent you want to seed, the entire torrent will have stay on local, in the rclone vfs file cache.
rclone will seed from its cache, not direct from dropbox.

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