Rclone Dropbox vs shared links

Hey guys,

got a bit in trouble since I switched to rclone.
Before I used the Dropbox-Uploader Script to upload my files. But because of the athentication bug I now switched to rclone.
My problem is that everytime I upload a file with rclone the shared link to that file gets replaced with a new one. thats a huge misstake! I checked it bevor with some example/test files and the shared link wasn't overwritten. I use the copy and the copyto (if renaming is needed) command. Now I realized that some of my files got new shared links but not all are effected?? Driving me nuts...
How to get rclone working not to overwrite my shared links like Dropbox-Uploader did??

That happens anytime a new user deletes the help and support template and doesn't fill it in.

If you want to use the template as that's required to help answer you.

Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post. hmmm
Filled out the template but cant post it.
I only need an advice if rclone can upload a file to dropbox or any other cloud service without killing the shared links.
thank you.

Good luck as without the help template, there's not enough information to assist.

really? its not able to post the template because of the error message?

Can you show a command line of you uploading a file to dropbox and the log it produces?

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