Rclone download list of files from txt file?

I am wondering if there is a way to simply supply rclone with a list of files and it would download them to a specific directory?

I know wget and aria2c do this, just wondering if rclone has this capability too, less tools to use then!

I went through commands and stuff and did not see this as an option, unless I overlooked something.

I think you want –files-from.

That will probably do what you want :smile:

Actually this command does not work by itself.

If you create a Files.txt and insert urls to files you want to download and run this command

rclone copy --files-from Files.txt ./ ./Site/Files -P --tpslimit 20 --transfers 10

It will give errors saying
Replacing invalid characters in "

It seems the --files-from is looking for direct file links locally?

I have tried different configurations of trying to say use --http-url
I have even tried inserting --http-url inside the txt file like this

–http-url http://domain.com/file.txt

Am I trying to do something rclone is just not meant to do, or do I just have the wrong strings?

Downloading directories is easy enough with the rclone copy --http-url :http: etc just cannot figure this --files-from

Hoping someone knows the answer.

I just tried this as well and still get the error “replacing invalid characters in”

I’ve tried putting urls inside Quotes as well

rclone -v --dry-run --files-from=Files.txt copy . ./Site/Files -P --tpslimit 20 --transfers 10

You need to set up a :http: as the source directory and in your files it should be just the file names relative to the directory in the --http-url.


rclone copy --http-url https://example.com :http:  /path/to/dest --files-from files.txt

Where files.txt looks like this


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