Rclone Discord/Matrix

Continuing the discussion from Is there an IRC channel for rclone:

Everyone is on discord or at least matrix these days bro.

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They only want to use slack, because that's what they know.
It doesn't matter that slack is not popular at all (outside of business environments).

And the rclone community is not active enough for anyone to bother making an alternative.

i dunno if i agree with it not being active. this is one of the very few forums i can post on and get replies in minutes

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Look I am all in for an rclone discord. Literally, everyone uses it today.
But I really doubt the staff has the mental elasticity to change their archaic ways.

I mean i'm 40 myself and i've gone the way of discord. I think they might even be younger than me

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Nothing like insults to try to make a case for something.

Closing the topic out as it’s taking a not nice turn.