Rclone disconnecting network

I'm still new to rclone and I'm just running a basic command line

rclone copy "remote:Download" "E:\2nd Drive\Local" -P

I'm trying to copy files from google drive to be stored locally sized around 3.2~3.5 terabytes, but when I leave the rclone to run overnight by the morning I check on it my network would be disconnected so it shows

Attempt 2/3 failed with 1 errors and: couldn't list directory
dial tcp: lookup www.googleapis.com: no such host

Is this just an issue with my network or something else? I'm running window 10 64 bit and rclone version 1.52.2
Also if I want to restart the download again after it shows error and I want it to ignore files that are already copied to the destination folder what command would I use?

Sounds like you have a bad / old router or something as you wan to check and get that updated if you can.

You can use bwlimit to limit your bandwidth rclone uses and see if that helps.

what does that mean?

  • your internet is down for all local computers
  • the computer running rclone cannot access the internet
  • the computer running rclone cannot ping the router

what do you do to reconnect to the network?

as per the docs
"Copy the source to the destination. Doesn't transfer unchanged files, testing by size and modification time "

and if you are not sure what a command will do then

Is your computer (desktop or laptop) programmed to go to sleep when not in use? That's pretty normal for Windows machines, these days, to save power. And if so then it'll cause the network to drop.

I'm trying to run the command again and see what it will hapend tonight but let's say I had to stop the program or if the program crash for whatever reason could I use the command --ignore-exisiting to ignore already copied files?

Or will this also ignores patially copied files aswell such as ones with 0bytes, or files that was being downloaded but get stopped midway. Is there a way around that?

I don't think thats the issue since when I check on it in the morning my computer was still on

Yea I will try to put the bandwidth limit on and run it again tonight and see what happens

You don't need to use any flag - rclone will not copy a file that is already there, and it will overwrite files that are different.

Oh ok, but if for any reason I had to restart the program or the program crash leaving some files to be patially downloaded (0byte files etc), will it ignore these and not download these files?

each time rclone is run, it will compare the source file and dest file.
if they are different, in size or mod-time, the rclone will copy the source to the dest.

if there is a source file not in the dest, the rclone will copy source file to dest.

if you are not sure what will happen, run a test using --dry-run

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