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Hi, I use Rclone for syncing and copying into AWS S3 with --use-server-modtime --update flags. Quick question, the rclone delete will delete files from AWS based on AWS S3 last modified date or based on meta tag, x-amz-meta-mtime?
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If you are using --use-server-modtime then rclone doesn't read the x-amz-meta-mtime it just uses AWS last modified date for everything.

Thank you for your reply, the usage of -use-server-modtime with --update flag doesn't make Rclone to use only the x-amz-meta-mtime?

We need Rclone sync / copy to work with x-amz-meta-mtime, which would be the proper flag?
Also how Rclone delete will work with x-amz-meta-mtime?

Don't use the --use-server-modtime flag. It will then use x-amz-meta-mtime

In what circumstance?

So rclone delete --use-server-modtime will handle delete based on last modified date and rclone delete x-amz-meta-mtime will delete based on local file modification date? Right?

Also another question, how can we add custom AWS Object tagging via rclone?
Thank you very much for your assistance.

If you are using a --min-age / --max-age qualifier, yes

Just don't use --use-server-modtime if you want this

Like this

--header-upload "x-amz-tagging: foo=bar&hello=world"

Thank you very much! It's totally clear, once again you have created a perfect tool which supports even the most productive env. :slight_smile:

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