Rclone dedupe only some folders

Is it possible to run dedupe on only some folders that have the same name?

I have folders alphabetically from A-Z and sometimes i happen to have to two ore more folders called A, like "A" and "A (1)" etc. Is it possible to dedupe only the folders named "A" and "A (1)"?
I have a lot of data in all directories A-Z and it takes ages to process everyting.

Thank you!

Edit: Im using this command:
rclone --tpslimit 1 -v dedupe newest gdrive:folder\

You can run it interactive and pick which folders you want to dedupe.

Thank you for your answer.
The problem is that i have thousands of folders and probably millions of files in my A-Z folders. Can i choose only to merge/process folders and not files?
I think i could try to use "dedupe oldest"

Maybe? I'm not really sure I'm following the folder layout so it's a bit hard.

My folders are like this in windows 10:

A (1)
B (1)
B (2)

But in Googles web ui. It looks normal.

If its possibly to only proccess folders that would be really helping! :slight_smile:

Those are not duplicates though.

What's a duplicate?

The folders are the same name but google uses id for every folder. But in windows it adds (x) to the folder.
If i in googles webui have two different folders with a folder called A, /folder1/A and /folder2/A.
And i move them both to /folder3/ there will be two folder A in folder3.
But Windows will show this as folder A and folder A(1).
Thats why i want to merge, or i will soon have hundreds of folders.

What does:

rclone lsd remote:

Look like?

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