Rclone daily time interval

I would like to know if does have any way of making a sync that would upload objects only within a defined time interval on the day.

For example, 7pm-7am. It will work on the upload between 7pm until 7am. And if it is not finished, stay on stand-by until 7pm the next day and then continue sending.

Is that possible?

you can create a bandwidth schedule

"specify a “timetable” of limits, which will cause certain limits to be applied at certain times"

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You can do this with a crontab in linux. Something like the command below:

0 19 * * * timeout 12h rclone sync source: dest: --whatever-flags

The timeout will force-stop rclone, so it's not pausing. Then will restart at 19:00.

rclone also has a --max-duration flag built in. You can try that, I've had mixed results with it.

--max-duration duration Maximum duration rclone will transfer data for.

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