RClone Crypt - with name encryption

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I know very little about cryptography so this question came to my mind.

Let's say I have 1000 folders in a RClone crypt. I enable file name encryption. The folders are named like 1, 2, 3, ..., 999, 1000 (basically in order).

If someone knows how these folders are named, could they potentially calculate the password I used to encrypt these file name, since they have 1000 sets of data of original file names and encrypted file names (and potentially, the data is compromised)?

Thanks if any one can help!

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that is not how rclone compression works.
scrypt makes it impractical to mount a dictionary attack on rclone encrypted data.
For full protection against this you should always use a salt.


This is called a known plaintext attack and all modern crypto systems are immune to it.

To be explicit, if you have the plaintext and the corresponding ciphertext you still can't recover the key in a sensible amount of time.

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