Rclone crypt equal to encfs?

I couldn’t find this anywhere so I figured I would ask. Is the rclone crypt equal to the results of encfs or can they be made to match?

I’m currently using acd_cli unencrypted for my plex, but I want to move it to an encrypted system without starting from scratch. What I want to do is have a /Plex and a /PlexEnc so I can slowly migrate everything without interrupting plex. Can rclone handle this or anyone know of a way to accomplish what I want?

No they aren't the same, but there is an issue about it!

You could do this by setting up two remotes in rclone, one unencrypted ("Plex") and one encrypted ("PlexEnc") and copy between the remotes. This will involve downloading then re-uploading the files. You can limit the bandwidth usage with --bwlimit. If you still have the files on disk it would be quicker to just upload them again though.