Rclone Crypt - Didn't include encrypted upper level directory, what is the easiest way to add one?

I'm using the latest rclone on ubuntu 20.04 with google drive. I switched from encfs to rclone crypt and reuploaded everything to rclone. However, I uploaded everything to drive/media/Movies and drive/media/TVShows, where neither Movies or TVShows are encrypted folders but everything inside them is. I've since learned that you cannot mix encrypted and decrypted, so an rclone crypt pointing to media will not work. My current solution is to point two different rclone crypts to media/Movies and media/TVShows. However, I'd like to simplify this. What's the easiest way to add the correct encrypted Movies and TVShows folders? I'm not familiar with encryption - if I just create two new folders called Movies and TVShows and encrypt them, then copy and paste their names and rename the existing folders, will that be sufficient? Or is there more to encryption?


to answer your question,
--- for the two crypt remotes, did you use the same password and/or salt?
--- post the config file, redact id/passwords

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