RClone Crypt Bleed Over?

Hello Folks,
First off I love RClone, thank you for the wonderful program. I've recently reworked my rclone mounting scheme and I'm curious about some errors I've been receiving. First my structure:

Main Remote to GSuites User Directory Root: Main:/
Sub directories, some encrypted: Taxes= Main:/Taxes/

Now each sub-directory has a similar, but different encryption scheme. They all point back to the main remote so its tree'd off the root. Whats odd is while transfering with copy, I find I get PCKS7 Error - padding too long for files not within that share. Almost as if it was looking outside the share at the others. Any ideas?

Does the crypt destination have unencryped files in it?

Which version of rclone are you using?

Can you show a log of the problem?

Does the crypt destination have unencryped files in it?
It does not

Which version of rclone are you using?
I believe 1.50.1

Can you show a log of the problem?
Sure, I'll post it when I get home today.

I believe there is an issue with ChangeNotify (polling) not culling correctly in some cases - ie looking other places outside only the crypted remote area. I don't remember if it was a teamdrive-spesific issue? (I will have to refer to the old conversation).
That can result in it trying to decrypt names from unencrypted files or files of another crypt and generate (largely harmless I think) errors.

Just mentioning it in case it may be related here.. worth checking if those errors come from changenotify (post the whole error line).

Quite possible This is not team drive specific as the issue happens when connected to that user's root. The folders it's complaining about are is a share from another invidiual, but not expressely pointed at by the remote. I figured they were harmless, and was wanting to bring them to light to make sure.

Well I don't know if this is related - it just sounds like it may be. The key tipoff would be if said the error came from ChangeNotify in the log/output from rclone. The errors I most commonly see from this are "invalid base32..." types of errors - due to trying to decrypt non-encrypted names. I suspect a different encryption key (rather than unencrypted) would give a bit different sub-error.

If it is related then yes, those should not cause any harm at least. Any non-decryptable files (due to what rclone thinks is an "error" in the format) will just be ignored - and all those will not be inside the remote you are looking at anyway, so it's irrelevant. The worst that might happen is that ChangeNotify perhaps works a bit slower and perhaps does a bit more work than strictly necessary.

Oh, a share... That makes sense.

Shared files are just weird in google drive - they aren't in a different namespace they are plonked in your drive so if they generate change notify messages then rclone will see them.

Rclone should be filtering out files which are shared with the user.... These are the properties available on the files: https://developers.google.com/drive/api/v3/reference/files#resource

I need to work out which property means the same as sharedWithMe in files.list: https://developers.google.com/drive/api/v3/ref-search-terms

I had a play and neither sharingUser nor sharedWithMeTime seem to be populated in changeslist so I can't figure out how to tell!


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