Rclone cp and mv as an addition to copy and move

As a linux and mac user I am using cp, mv, ls etc.
Rclone uses the ls but not the cp and mv.
Is it possible to add them as "aliasses" to rclone

so rclone cp is the same as rclone copy
rclone mv is the same as rclone move

It's not really annoying but as a habbit i'm always typing the commands wrong.
I cannot be the only one who is doing this wrong :rofl:

rclone copy and rclone move don't have quite the same semantics as mv and cp.

There is an issue for this!

I understand. But it's not thats -R, -i or something like that need to be implemented. It doesn't need to mimic cp or mv. It's more like cp = copy mv=move. No additional argument for cp or mv. That's it. cp is more like an alias for copy
But like I said it's not an annoyance. I only make these mistakes with rclone and I can live with it.

I also could create a copy bash script with 2 arguments which makes the problem go away.

That's what I would do as making them aliases, I feel confuses more folks since they don't act the same.

I think it's not a great idea to add it in.

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