Rclone copy with specfic filename filtering is very slow

I want to transfer files from onedrive to my ubuntu.
There are almost 100,000 files in onedrive 'picture' folder (but that shouldn't be a problem, just FYI)

I use this command to copy all filename start with "family_picture"

rclone --verbose copy onedrive:picture --include "family_picture*.*" .

This command took almost 25 minutes of waiting time, and at the almost end of it's job it started do the transfer of 20 files (35MB).

The code seems to spend lots of time search for files. Any one has idea? Thanks

This is when I was waiting for 25 minutes

Rclone doesn't yet have a way of filtering files from a remote other than by looking at all of them.

If you do this regularly you could use rclone lsf -R to make a list of all the file names then when you want to download things grep this list to a smaller list and then pass it into --files-from which will be nice and quick.

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Thank you very much. Understood the constraint now.

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