Rclone copy with backblaze-b2

Is there any way to upload files to the backblaze straight from the command line without having to put the key and account in the "rclone.conf" file?

There is an advanced mode to make remotes on the fly. They look like :backend:path/to/dir and then you use flags like --b2-account etc that are listed at the bottom of the B2 Page

See the docs for more

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here is an example i use for ftp backend.

rclone lsf :ftp: --ftp-host=speedtest.tele2.net --ftp-user=anonymous --ftp-pass=`rclone obscure dummy`

and here is an example of a crypt

export RCLONE_CRYPT_THECRYPT_PASSWORD=`rclone obscure password`
export RCLONE_CRYPT_THECRYPT_PASSWORD2=`rclone obscure password2`

rclone lsd :crypt:THECRYPT

and here is an example of http

rclone lsd --http-url https://beta.rclone.org :http:

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