Rclone copy transfer progress not displaying

First time utilizing Rclone. For some reason after local copying is done, and uploading begins, progress displays as 100% and the eta is 0. It stalls at 100% until upload to cloud is done. Is there a way for rclone to take into consideration uploading when using -P, -progress, etc.

Command used:
** rclone copy --delete-after --bwlimit 1200 -P -vv NAME_OF_FILE PATH_TO_DEST **

I added bwlimit thinking that would help but instead it just slows the local copying and once it reaches 100% it still stalls while the file gets uploaded.

Am I missing something?

You have delete-after so it's deleting all the files I would surmise.

What version are you running?
What backend are you using?
Run the same command with -vv and you can see what rclone is doing.

rclone v1.48.0
go v1.12.6
Not sure what you mean about backend, but if you mean the OS rclone is running on, then LUbuntu 18.10. I'm using GSuite for cloud storage.


You can't see it in the log, because the log was taken after it completed, but after Copying is done it says ETA is 0, and it's at 100%, but the elapsed time keeps going (progress shows 100% for the whole duration of the upload procedure).

I'm not sure what error I'm looking for then as those logs appear just fine.

You are definitely gimping the bandwidth to almost nothing and it does do MD5SUMs on the file once it's uploaded so it looks fine to me.

Does -progress not show the progress of the upload? Shouldn't it also figure upload time into the ETA?

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