Rclone copy or sync?


I don’t know the difference than copy or sync,

I think, copy is copy from source to dest, no delete if change source
sync from source to dest, and delete if change source ?

That true ?


Have you given the rclone docs a read?



rclone copy - Copy files from source to dest, skipping already copied
rclone sync - Make source and dest identical, modifying destination only.

Juste to confirm…

Be VERY careful with sync… its easy to lose some files if you are careless…


Yeah, sync will make your destination look like your source, so if you only have a subset of your files stored locally, you risk DELETING files stored in the remote.

If you just want to make sure new files get copied to the remote, use copy.

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I want to copy my source to dest, and delete to dest if i delete in source.

I sync to specific folder, not in /

So i think is ok to sync only source to dest and no delete another thing in ACD