Rclone copy on unraid server

I am using rclone on unraid through a docker. Asked this question over there as well and the creator suggested asking over here. I have mostly been using sync but want to move over to using copy instead.

I am using the command: rclone copy /mnt/user/ secret:plex

I am not seeing new files come in though and it has been about 24 hours (I have about 8TB of data). I didn’t see any errors in my code in the logs, but let me know if my syntax is incorrect.

How does it work because I notice it has re-run multiple times and still no changes (I see it has restarted 4 hours ago in the log and is up to 4 hours running). Does it time out after a certain amount of time or will it start back up from where it left off or is that log file not accurate?

Anyone have any idea how long it generally takes to scan through around 8TB of data and then copy any new files over (Most of it is uploaded already with only about 20GB of data needing to be copied)?

I was going to manually run it later tonight or tomorrow not through the docker but through putty to see if it works that way but figured I’d check here while I wait to give it more time.

Oh and sync has been working for the last 3-4 weeks, just doesn’t seem to be working with copy now. Or I might have not waited long enough for it to run through.

rclone prints stats of what it is doing every minute by default and it shows you what files it is copying. Do you see anything there?